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February 5, 2024by Lauren0

Halloween is just around the corner, which for many people causes them to think about their own fears. Whether you are afraid of the monster under the bed, or a relationship that caused you harm…facing your fears is not an easy task.

Here are some tips to help you face your fears safely:

1. Ask yourself, is this fear a threat in the present or was it a threat in the past? If the threat is in the present and probable to cause harm, take steps to establish safety. If the threat is from your past but is no longer a threat, you can remind yourself of the cues in your present environment that let you know you are safe.

2. Ask yourself the probability of your fear leading to harm (e.g airplane crashes). You could look up safety ratings or consider what your plan would be if your worst fear should occur. By focusing on what you can control and having positive experiences with the feared thing that you choose to engage in (e.g. petting a safe dog after being bitten by a different dog), you can neutralize the fear.

4. Use relaxation exercises such as breathing strategies or movement to help your nervous system feel safe again.

5. No one should have to face their fears alone. When facing fears, bring a trusted loved one with you.

This list is of course simplified and can in no way do justice to the frightening experiences many have gone through nor address how to face them fully. For help with your specific fears, I encourage ongoing psychotherapy.

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