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With individual counseling, we can learn how to become resilient to difficult experiences and to savor good experiences without clinging to them.

Individual counseling is a way to learn skills for coping with feelings in a balanced way without amplifying or avoiding them. This can all support our mental health and our physical health and wellbeing.


What is Individual Counseling?

Individual counseling is a powerful tool for personal growth and healing. It is a collaborative process between a client and a therapist, aimed at addressing emotional and psychological issues that may be preventing the client from achieving their goals or living a fulfilling life. Through individual counseling, clients are provided with a safe and confidential space to explore their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment or repercussion.

How Does It Work?

I encourage you to reach out to me by either calling the number or filling out a form on my website. As a licensed clinical counselor, I’m here to listen and help you navigate through any challenges you may be facing. With a personalized approach tailored to your specific needs, we’ll work collaboratively to help you achieve your goals and live a more fulfilling life. Don’t hesitate, take the first step towards a happier and healthier you today.

Will Individual Counseling Help?

Individual counseling can be a highly effective tool for improving mental and emotional well-being. However, the success of therapy ultimately depends on the client’s willingness to engage in the process and the pace at which they feel comfortable progressing. As a therapist, I understand the importance of tailoring treatment to each individual’s unique needs and goals, and I strive to create a safe and supportive environment where clients can feel empowered to make progress at their own pace.

It’s important to note that success in therapy is defined by the client themselves. While my role is to support and guide clients towards greater self-awareness and positive change, it’s ultimately up to the client to decide if therapy is successful for them or not. I encourage clients to be honest and open with me about their feelings and experiences throughout the therapeutic process, so that we can work together to address any concerns or challenges that may arise.

For best results, I typically recommend that clients attend one session per week.
Whatever you rest your attention on - grows. Learn how to cultivate positive mental and emotional states that sustain wellbeing.

I Can Help With

Trauma Therapy
Trauma Therapy offers a supportive environment to explore effective techniques and tools for cultivating a positive self-image, establishing healthy boundaries, and nurturing a profound sense of self-worth.
EMDR Therapy
EMDR Therapy stands as a revolutionary and widely embraced approach in trauma therapy. By addressing distressing memories and utilizing bilateral stimulation, EMDR has become a cornerstone in trauma therapy, offering individuals a structured and impactful pathway to process and overcome past traumas.
Kids Therapy
Through age-appropriate interventions, children explore and navigate emotions, build resilience, and develop essential coping skills. This supportive environment helps them communicate effectively, manage stress, and lay the foundation for emotional well-being, fostering healthy development and overall happiness.
Family Therapy

Family Therapy provides a collaborative and supportive space for families to navigate challenges, improve communication, and strengthen relationships. Through a systemic approach, Family Therapy explores the dynamics within the family unit, addressing underlying issues that contribute to tension or conflict.
Yoga Classes

In Yoga Classes, participants embark on a holistic journey of physical and mental well-being. Led by experienced instructors, the classes cater to various levels and interests, offering a blend of power yoga, restorative sessions, and specialized approaches like Trauma-Informed Yoga.
Supervision & Training
In Supervision & Training, individuals receive expert guidance and mentorship to advance their skills in the field of mental health. Driven by a commitment to professional development, this program offers tailored supervision for therapists, counselors, and mental health professionals.

Mental Health For Adults, Children, Couples & Families.


Individual Counseling

Individual counseling provides personalized and confidential support to help individuals improve their mental health and achieve personal growth goals, offering them the tools and skills they need to navigate life’s challenges and improve their overall well-being.


Family Counseling

Family counseling creates a supportive environment for families to address and overcome interpersonal challenges. By examining dynamics within the family unit, this collaborative approach aims to enhance communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen relationships. The goal is to foster a healthier family dynamic, promoting resilience and harmony through open communication and understanding.


Trauma-informed care

Trauma-informed care offers a safe and compassionate space for individuals to heal, grow, and reclaim their lives. With our trauma-informed approach, I prioritize understanding the impact of trauma and provide tailored support to promote healing and resilience.