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February 5, 2024by Lauren0

Easter is almost here!! Are you as excited as I am?

Easter is a holiday that has special meaning in my heart. It often falls during a season of growth and strengthening in my life and is a beautiful reminder of RESILIENCE.

As we decorate our Easter Eggs with our children, it may be helpful to share this story to help them foster their own resilience:

Have you ever wondered how chicks hatch?

It seems like such a struggle to push their way out of such a hard shell, surely someone should help them, right?

Actually, while it may seem surprising, the act of helping a chick to break out of its shell may actually prevent it from getting the strength it needs to develop and grow muscles that can sustain it in life outside the shell.

What does this mean in terms of parenting?

Sometimes it is not easy to watch our children make mistakes, but sometimes allowing mistakes can help them to grow. When you are deciding whether or not to intervene when you see your child headed for a mistake, ask yourself these questions:

1. Will my child be unsafe if they make this choice?
2. What is the lesson my child may learn from making this choice?
3. What lesson would my child learn if I intervene?
4. How can I help my child to know that I am here if he/she needs my help and that I will still love him/her if he or she makes a mistake?

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